What we did

.played a gold rush Adventuer.

.we watched a gold rush video

.explored a gold rush map

What I learnt:

.you need money to mined

My wonderings:
. i wonder how it feels to mined


What we did:

.we did stations

.paper work so that we could get in australia

. We did a journey

What I learnt:

. I learnt that it take a lot of paper work

My wonderings:

. I wonder how meny days I will take to get to Australia

What we did:

.we read about asylum seekers

What I learnt:

. I learnt that we are mean to asylum seekers

My wonderings:

. I wonder they came to Australia instead of  America



Vietnamese boat people

 What we did:

.we made a origami 

What I learnt:

.always to stay close to your family

My wonderings:

.  I wonder what it feels like to be in a war



What we did:

.watched a video

.did  Drawing

What I learnt:

.evreyone is different

My wonderings:

.where aboriginals convicts


What we did:

.I research on convicts

. I read about convicts

What I learnt:

. convicts got put in prison

EMy wonderings: 

.why did convict  get sent over to australia


In gold rush people came from there country to get gold.E

In Tasmania there was not much value to gold in aus at that time.

After the gold rush in California people started moving to Australia.

People had spent there money to buy tools for there mine.

Most people are minding now in 20014.there are mine companies all over Australia.

So much people have got a lot of money from there mined gobs


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gold rush



What is gold:

Gold is shiny and rear  you find it under the ground by mining with tools. If you find lots

of gold you will be a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



To find gold you need to dig very deep and down in the ground it is easier if you dig into a mountain

You need a pickaxe and a shovel and a drill.


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